MFIG Projects

Our future is beneath the surface

Facilitating young farmers to increase knowledge and adopt best practice soil conservation methods.

Project Start Date: September 2018

Project Finish Date September 2020

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The drive to increase knowledge about Morawa’s agricultural soil is underway thanks to a Federal Government Landcare Smart Farms Small grant awarded to the Morawa Farm Improvement Group.

Young farmers in the Shire of Morawa and future farmers currently attending WA college of Agriculture- Morawa will work with leading soil scientists to protect and rehabilitate our most precious natural resource, soil. Soils in the Shire of Morawa are severely degraded from soil acidity, compaction, loss of nutrients and erosion. 

 This project will increase awareness of the problem and facilitate farmer adoption of land management practices that restore and protect soil. This objective will be achieved firstly by farmer’s collecting and analysing their soil. Secondly this information will facilitate discussion and demonstration of best practice in 3 field based workshops. Lastly the project will create a sharing and collaboration culture in a small community striving to stay productive in the face of a changing climate.  


Project funds are being used to purchase a machine that can take soil samples to a depth of 1 metre below the surface. The machine will be available to local farmers who take part in the project and will be mounted onto their ute. Local farmers will work with the Morawa Farm Improvement Group to take samples of different paddocks and send the soil to labs for analysis.