Morawa Farm Improvement Group (MFIG) online

Established in 1946, the Morawa Farm Improvement Group is a grass roots farming organisation with a mission "to advance the development and learning needs of the Morawa Farming Community in order for them to remain both viable and sustainable into the future."

The Morawa Farm Improvement Group has set up a number of trails and demonstrations; undertaken large scale projects and organised a number of workshops. Since 1995, MFIG has run an annual spring field day to look at the trails and look at the work of innovative farmers in the district.

Past research for the Morawa Farm Improvement Group has included:

- National Landcare Programmes Natural Resources Innovation Grant investigating the cultivation of a commercial seaweed in the saline ground waters of Morawa

- Seeding Bluebush & Saltbush, a post-emergent herbicide tolerance trail

- Investigate herbicide control options for Slender Iceplant

- Sustainable grazing on Saline land

- Millet and sorghum in the low rainfall zone

- Engineering salt water drainage and evaporation ponds

- Chickpea variety comparison

- Pastures as a cost-effective nitrogen trail

- Fallow versus continuous cropping trails

Morawa Farmers are very excited to be embarking on a new era for digital transformation and we welcome all new members to stay connected via the Facebook page.